I believe that in this world, my purpose is to find ways to create beauty in a way that matters, at the same time gives back to others. I started my career in the field of forensics. In this chapter of my life, I overcame my own personal trauma and healing through these years of experiences. In 2010 I decided to shift a new part of my life by giving back by and cultivating my career in aesthetics. I became involved in skin care/post trauma skin restoration and over the years evolved to permanent cosmetics and specializing in 3D realism in areola tattooing. I found a way to merge my artistic talent through my art in permanent cosmetics. In 2016, I became a certified A.R.T.ist to give back and honor those who have undergone breast cancer reconstruction. I truly believe that you can heal trauma through art and my mission is to give to those around me through my passion and talent.

Nhi Van

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